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Consulate General for
 the State of Kuwait


Services  provided by the Consulate

  • Endorsement of Work Visa ,  Attestation of PCC & Family Visa
  • Attestation of Documents except Academic Certificate
  •  Types of Documents include:
  •  Business Documents
  •  Certificate of Origin
  •  Invoice
  •  Packing List
  •  Business Agreements
  •  Company Registration & Resolutions

  • Power of Attorney

  •  Birth & Death Certificates

  •  Bonafide Certificates

  • All other documents approved by the Consulate on submission.
  • Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate from Kuwait through the Consulate
  • The Indian Nationals residing in Kuwait previously and have a proof of their stay there may apply for Kuwaiti PCC through the consulate. (See procedure)


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Note: Before submission.
 All Business Documents have to be Attested by any Chamber of Commerce and Mantralaya .

 All Other Documents have to Attested by a Notary and Mantralaya.