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Kuwait National and Liberation Day Greetings 2021

Kuwait National Day is celebrated every year in February by Kuwaitis. This day marks great importance in their history. Kuwaitis share greetings with their fellow on their National Day. Kuwait National and Liberation Day Greetings 2021 are the first thing to be shared on Social media, via phone calls and messages with fellows.

Kuwait National day (يوم الكويت الوطني) is celebrated on 25th Feb every Year with vigor and enthusiasm, it is considered the most remarkable day in the Arab World. Kuwaitis celebrated their first Independence Day on June 19, 1961. This time Kuwaitis will celebrate 60th Kuwait National Day in 2021. People gather at famous places like parks, beaches, and restaurants with their fellows or move around the streets or malls in town. The most popular are Messila Beach and Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park are the major rush places on this day.

People decorate their houses with colorful lights, flags, and even candles are lit at dinner time. The historical places like “Kuwait National Museum, Al Bahhar Entertainment Historical Village, Mirror House, Kuwait Towers” are decorated with light, and fireworks are also set up at night. Flags are set up at buildings and displayed at major points to show patriotism. All the country went out on the streets to engage in an array of events that provide exciting entertainment. From live concerts to fireworks, and traditional culinary experiences, the streets are alive to the early hours of the next morning each year. Large crowds and heavy traffic congestion are expected in downtown areas.

This year we are NOT holding any functions in Mumbai for celebrations due to the Pandemic Conditions.